In 1941, Frank Sahd along with the help of  his wife, Lucille, started Frank Sahd Salvage Center, with an antique shop in front and scrap metal business in the garage in the back of  their home at 219-221 Locust Street, Columbia, PA.  After WWII, he  was joined by his brothers Charlie and Joe.  They bought and sold  ferrous and non-ferrous metals and also burlap, rags and paper.  

The operation grew and in  1950, the business moved to its current location at 1045 Lancaster Avenue in Columbia.  Here the business shifted emphasis from antiques to recycling and he along with Charlie, Joe and their sons, worked to build the business with metal recycling as its primary consideration.  The business became incorporated in 1967.

After the untimely death of Frank in 1972, his sons Ron and Wayne and their cousin Mike headed the business with Charlie.  Shortly after Charlie's death in 1973, Ron and Wayne's brother Frank joined the business and the company grew.  In addition to simply accepting materials from customers, they added an industrial container service to their repertoire in  the  late 1970's.

The business continued to grow in the 70s and the 80s and the organization of the 20 plus acre facility became of paramount importance.  The company was among the first in the industry to shift toward green initiatives, adding pavements and stormwater systems to the  facility.  It also concentrated on limiting focus to non-ferrous and  ferrous metals processing for mill consumption instead of the  paper, rags, tire and  auto processing of previous years.  Equipment was upgraded to allow for more efficient and  safe handling of the recycling process.  

During the 1990s and 2000s, the company continued to grow to become a leader in the metal recycling industry, riding out the ups and  downs of  the market while becoming a leader in the community.  After Wayne's sudden death in 1996, Ron, Mike and  Frank regrouped and continued to innovate.

Today Mike has retired from the  business and  now  the  third  generation of the  family has joined in the company.  Ron's son Dan and Mike's son Michael have  come  into  the business to join with Ron and Frank as the current  management group.  Together with the entire Sahd  Metal Recycling team  they have continued to be a recycling leader while  investing  in the green technologies, equipment and training to maintain status as a community leader.  We look forward to serving you now as we , with God's grace,  hopefully transition to our fourth generation and beyond!